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Women/Men Only Discussion Groups

The initial creation for these discussion groups was for the purpose of providing a safe space for women and men to have a separate space to discuss issues that examine what it means to be a woman/man, conversations about sexuality, and the historical factors that have affected the relationships between women and men, called the 5 S’s

  • Stop

  • Silence

  • Shame

  • Secrets

  • Solutions

​to determine the root causes and solutions to stop sexual deviant behavior and begin the work to eradicate sexual abuse.

  These groups vary to have a broad scope to incorporate intergenerational, multiethnic, socio-economic, and spiritual/religious backgrounds to allow for different voices to be represented and heard.

Past conversations have ranged in topics from what it truly means to be a man and the importance of redefining that term, and the true power of what it means to be a woman, how she can reshape the world once she moves in her power.

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