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The Ways of our Ancestors THE REMIX

The term alternative housing or alternative medicine is a term that is misleading and doesn’t give respect to ancient cultures and customs that connected people to nature in a respectful and (w)holistic way.  And still do all over the world. Melanin Dominant/Indigenous people’s ancestors have lived for thousands of years in circular dwellings made of materials from the earth like clay, water, sand. and soil called Mud Houses. Today, it is referred to as Cobb houses. They healed themselves using natural herbs, plants, sea plants, meditation, acupuncture, yoga, and eating a more plant based diet.


This project has two phases:


  • Phase 1 - a 3 year program will educate women in this program about the benefits of living off the grid, how/why WHEW builds Cobb and Yurt houses, while providing a safe transitional housing community that will include Cobbs, Yurts, solar panels, rainwater collection tanks, community gardening, bee keeping, and counseling. 

  • Phase 2 - Acquire more land for those who graduate from the program who qualify for permanent housing built with  the same concepts in the transitional community.

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