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SEEDS Planting Seeds

The relationships between women and their children face multiple obstacles that stem from being formerly incarcerated, in abusive relationships, homelessness, and all the other challenges that accompany those issues.  It often takes time to rebuild and repair the bond of a mother and her child.  


As the saying goes, planting and having the faith of seed can lead to moving mountains.  It has been proven that working with nature is therapeutic and life-changing.  This is why the name of this project is important.  It refers to the children as the seeds of their mothers, and all sentient beings who are the seeds of this earth. children are the seeds of their mothers and contain all of the hope to harvest for the future. 


WHEW believes through urban farming, mothers and their children will not only grow flowers and food for the community that will be used to sell at WHEW’s Three Locs Chef Cafe, but it will also plant the seeds of knowledge of sustainability and how that relates to the importance of knowing how to grow their own food.  More importantly, it will plant the seeds of resowing the torn relationships by working on a project from start to completion, as they watch their relationships grow too.

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