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B.E.A.H Ripple
Sexual Healing & Grief Ritual 

B.E.A.H Ripple (4).png

The project begins with viewing Beah Richard recite her poem, “Thus A Black Woman Speaks: of White Womanhood, White Supremacy, and Peace,” a tool for arts healing addressing sexism, racism, sexual abuse, mistrust and the monstrous relationships between women of different ethnicities.  Moreover, it connects the dots between European descent women, male patriarchy, and other issues rooted in oppression, colonization, and the captivity of Melanin Dominant/Indigenous bodies. 


The order of events art the following:
1) participants collectively view poem,
2) two separate groups are formed:
a) Identified Melanin Dominant/Indigenous/BIPOC
b) Identified European descent for 8 workshops total, 1 per month over a span of 9 months,
3) dissect/analyze/process both poem/workshops,
4) create their own interpretation using the artistic expression, of any medium of their choice to be performed,
5) culminate into a two-day event that includes a) Sexual Healing Grief Ritual, community workshops including sharing their journey, and b) finale performance of the participants’ interpretations of the poem and workshops.
The final 2-day event takes place in Houston, TX.

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